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Christmas Party on December 4th 2017

Dear EdC  Toastmasters,

please note that on December 4th we will NOT hold our regular weekly meeting. Instead, we will celebrate our Christmas Party at

Sport-Club »Frankfurt 1880« e.V.
60320 Frankfurt am Main

It will start at 19:15 (as our meetings) and we are looking forward to seeing many of you there,

your Officers Team.

P.S.- Please sign up in the list that was sent out via email to choose the menu you want. Thanks!


Fellow Toastmasters, dear Toastmasters’ friends,

The annual International Speech Contest, as well as the Evaluation Contest, will be held during the time of our regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, March 13, at 7:30 p.m.

Every year, all Toastmaster speech contests, such as the Evaluation, Humorous, and Table Topics, begin at the club level and culminate at the District Conference. However, the International Speech Contest is the only Toastmaster speech contest that advances past the District level and continues at the International Convention where the winner is awarded the title “World Champion of Public Speaking.”

This is a great opportunity not only to compete at an international level, but also to get involved with your leaderships skills. There are currently many open roles you can sign up for:

– contest master
– judge
– chief judge
– timer/ballot counters
– seargant at arms

At club level, the only restriction for signing up for a role is that you have to be a paying member. In order to be a contestant though (for the international speech and for the evaluation contest), you must have completed 6 speech projects.

If you want to participate, please talk to any of the Officers at our next meeting or write an email to Stefan Krause (VP of Education: or to myself (VP of PR:

Looking forward to it,

Cristina – Your VP of PR

NOTE: During the meetings we might take pictures with the purpose to publish them on our website andf/or other social media. If you don’t want to have your picture taken and/or published please talkt to any clubofficer or mail to our Vice President of Public Relations:

Christmas Dinner Party

One more year, Esprit de Corps Toastmasters and friends gathered last night at the annual Christmas dinner. The atmosphere was festive and relaxed, Toastmasters mingled, networked and had a great time while enjoying a good meal.


Our current president, Todd Buell, was a great host and he surprised the audience by awarding some Toastmasters for their commitment in the club:

Chris Rowe and Abhishek Vyas were the club members that won most often the “Best Speaker” Award in 2016 and, therefore, the “Best Speakers of 2016”.
Raehyun Kim and Neha Attri won the award “Best Evaluators of 2016”.

And, last but not least, the most engaged club members, taking up the most number of roles in 2016 were: Gita Nagappan, Neha Attri and Abhishek Vyas.


Congratulations and Merry Christmas to every one!

Looking forward to sharing a successful Toastmasters New Year with you all in 2017,

your VP of PR




AREA CONTEST: Table Topics & Humorous Speech



Dear fellow Toastmasters,

It’s speech contest time!!!

Some weeks after our club’s speech contest, Esprit de Corps is honored to be hosting our Area Speech Contest on October 10th.

So please join us and enjoy an evening full of fun and great improvised speeches during the Area Table Topics and Humorous Speech Contests!

You can also be an active part of it and sign up as a speaker or a member of the team, either as a judge, as a time keeper or as a ballot counter. Please contact the Contest Host, Natallia Simon, to volunteer for roles:

Looking forward to seeing many of you there!



VP of PR

Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contest 2016


On the past Monday, September 12th, our club Esprit de Corp hosted the second speech contest of the year. This time it was turn of our most humorous and spontaneous speakers to take the stage! We were delighted to see numerous Toastmasters members and friends in the audience, who enjoyed a fun-filled evening as much as the contestants and all the contest committee members did.

The evening started off with the Humorous Speech Contest, hosted by Cristina Conesa Carbonell. To warm up, she invited the audience to do some laughter yoga, so imagine… over 25 people standing up stretching their face muscles, breathing and laughing a lot doing some of these exercises. It definitely got the audience ready to keep laughing and enjoying the humorous speeches coming up!

There were 6 contestants in the Humorous Speech Contest, they delivered 5- to 7-minute speeches that were evaluated by a panel of experienced Toastmasters. Here is the order and title of their speeches:

1. Raehyun Kim – “A hug, a handshake, a kiss: embracing cultural differences”

2. Gitanjali Nagappan – “How Asians and Europeans holiday”

3. Neha Attri – “Tackling table topics is an art”

4. Todd Buell – “Todd, Thor or T”

5. Abhishek Vyas – “I know my luck”

6. Steven Feller – “Betty Vetterli and the MUBBBs”

They were all incredibly entertaining and funny speeches! The contestants took us on a journey from vacationing at sandy beaches with turquoise water to greeting situations with Germans, Koreans and Americans through a bike ride full of unidentified flying objects while many of us couldn’t stop laughing.

The second part of the contest, the Table Topics Contest, was also related to humour in many senses. The Toastmaster Stefan Timm hosted the contest with his dry German humour. He asked the participants to tell a story about what they have learnt in live through humour and their answers were varied, hilarious and even surreal at times. Here is the list of our courageous contestants:

1. Yani Neugebauer

2. Abhishek Vyas

3. Peter Smith

4. Neha Attri

The evening culminated in the most-awaited final part: the presentation of the winners!



Congratulations to Steven Feller, 1st place, Gita Nagappan, 2nd place and Abhishek Vyas, 3rd place.



Congratulations to Peter Smith, 1st place, and Abhishek Vyas, 2nd place.

Many thanks to all Toastmasters who made this fun-filled possible: contestants, hosts, judges, time keepers, ballot counters and cheering audience. We are looking forward to seeing the winners at the Area contest on October 10th 2016 in our very own club again, Esprit de Corps in Frankfurt.

Best regards,

VP PR Cristina

Next meeting June 20th at Saalbau Gallus (Raum 1), Frankenallee 111, 60326 FFM

Dear Esprit de Corps members and guests,

Please be informed that due to an unforeseen mix up with our regular home, our next meeting June 20th will take place at Saalbau Gallus (Seminar Raum 1), Frankenallee 111, 60326 Frankfurt.

VP PR Natallia


Meetings in Rothschild Park from 18.07 till 07.08.16

Dear Toastmasters,

Dear Guests,

This year Saalbau Dornbusch will have summer vocation from 18th of July till 7th of August. During that time our meetings will be held in Rothschild Park near “Ring der Statuen”, it is the same place as last year.

Everyone is welcome to join to enjoy fresh air and sunsets!

VP PR Natallia

2nd May 2016: Failure=Experience

The motto of our latest meeting on 2nd May, 2016 was “Failure=Experience”. Even though we made no failures, each of the participants acquired some experience.

Among five guests, students of Frankfurter School of Law and Economics, two have successfully participated in the Table Topics Session, successfully performed by Francoise.

There were three prepared speeches delivered by Chris, Rhea and Todd. Although two of the speakers worked on the same 8th Project with the main goal: To get comfortable with visual aids, they presented completely different speeches and got positive, but very different evaluations.  While Jutta concentrated  in her evaluation on personal advice, based on the speech’s goals, Ben gave more general recommendations, some of them were also very useful for me, such as “Keep pauses after questions” or “Make just one strong conclusion at the end, even if you have several wonderful alternatives ”.

Are you curious, what was my piece of experience to take home? It was an instruction from one of the speeches. In order to increase my happiness by 25%, I write down each morning three things, which will make me happier, if they happen during that day. In the evenings, I review my small “List of happiness”. Perhaps it was only due to the spring weather, but, indeed, I feel much happier after several days of writing down a list of things that would make me happy.

One of the things, which will make me happier tomorrow, is to hear Ben’s speech for the competition and thus, make one step further on the path of learning public speaking!

I am looking forward to see you all tomorrow at our next meeting!

VP PR Natallia

Speech and Evaluation Contests 2016

This gallery contains 5 photos.

It was a fantastic evening with a lot of fun, fascinating speeches and professional evaluations! Thank to everyone!

There were six contestants in the Speech Contest and five in the Evaluation Contest. The meeting room was full with around thirty people.

The Speech Contest started with a highly professional speech of Michael Parker, revealing us a secret of successful negotiations. Then Abishek Vyas presented his entertaining speech ”The U-Turn” with a lot of sparkling humour. The entire audience burst out laughing when he spoke about leadership experience at an international place. Terrific!

Then came Raehyun Kim with a very a personal story.  Her main message was that we should be thankful for the good things in life, focus on positive and emprise life as a priceless present.  She was very powerful and expressive as usual. The next speaker was Neha Attri with her three secrets to come through life successfully: stay positively realist, take risk and appreciate yourself.

Then came a very motivating speech, virtuously delivered by Ben Parsons. By the way, he won the competition. Last but not the least was a speech from Rhea Wessel. It really fascinated me, how a psychological trauma from childhood can affect the whole life by continously influencing  person’s decisions! Then she revealed us a secret how one can solve a problem in his or her mind at the same time changing his/her behaviour. I am going to ask her for the material and read more about it. Thank you, dear contestants, for a lot of thought-provoking information!

In the second part of the evening, after the speech of a test speaker about history of toastmasters the evaluation contest began. There were five contestants in the Evaluation Contest: Michael Parker, Benjamin Juettner (from the Rhetorik Club), Ben Parsons, Stefan Timm and Neha Attri. All of them were very professional, objective and convincing.Speech contestants Gewinner Ben P Eval contestants Essen Atmosphere

Our list of winners is the following one:

Speech Contest

1st Place: Ben Parsons with the speech “One smalll step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

2nd Place: Michael Parker “The game of life”

3rd Place: Rhea Wessel “Rewriting your own story”


Evaluation contest

1st Place: Ben Parsons

2nd Place: Neha Attri

Many thanks to all the participants and we are looking forward to see the winners at the Area contest on 6th April 2016 in Business Club Frankfurt.

Sincerely Yours,

VP PR Natallia

Mentoring program for new members

Mentoring is the hallmark of success in the Toastmasters program.

Mebers excel when helped by a more advanced member—and new and established members alike accomplish goals they might not otherwise reach on their own. Mentees benefit greatly when mentors pass on their own unique brand of knowledge, insight, perspective and wisdom. In turn, mentors get a chance to give back to their club by helping mentees improve their skills and grooming them for leadership roles.

Criteria to become a mentor: He or she must be an experienced toastmaster or must have completed minimum  5 speeches from the CC manual.

In case you would like to become either a mentor or mentee, please sent your requests to our VP education Neha Attri.

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