Leadership Track

Competent Leader Program

Leadership qualities are a vital asset in improving your career prospects. If you wish to develop your potential as leader, our club offers ample opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills.

Every meeting requires a number of people who take up roles and make sure that everything runs smoothely. These roles include the Toastmaster of the Evening, who acts as the facilitator, a Timer, several Evaluators, someone who counts the “Ums and Ahs”, a Grammerian who watches over the use of language and so on.

If you volunteer for these roles not only will you learn new skills, you will be recognized for your efforts. As part of your starter package you will receive your Competent Leadership manual. With meeting roles and other tasks that you take over for the Club you can complete the projects of the manual. The topics of the ten leadership projects in the manual are:

Competent Leadership manual

Competent Leadership manual

  1. Listening and Leadership
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Giving Feedback
  4. Time Management
  5. Planning and Implementation
  6. Organizing and Delegating
  7. Developing Your Facilitation Skills
  8. Motivating People
  9. Mentoring
  10. Team Building

Once you have completed all leadership projects in the manual you will receive Toastmasters International’s Competent Leader Award (CL).

Advanced Leadership Program

On completion of the Competent Leadership Program you will be able to progress to Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB). One of the requirements is to serve as an officer on the Club Executive Committee for a minimum of six months.

The final step in the leadership program will be Advanced Leader Silver (ALS). One of the requirements for this is that you serve a complete term (one year) as a district officer.

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